Canisbay Primary School is a rural primary school within Highland Region with a roll of 38 in primaries one to seven and 6 children in the nursery class (as at September 2020)  The school is situated in the north eastern corner of Caithness in close proximity to famous John O’Groats.  There are records of schools in this area for over two hundred years.  These early schools were on different sites in John O’Groats, and in the neighbouring communities of Freswick and Brabster.  The pupils of all of these communities have been progressively drawn under one roof, and the present school building was opened in September 1974 to replace the old school built in 1864.

There are two class teachers and one visiting principal nursery teacher . The structure of the different classes in the current session 2020/2021 is primary 1/2/3/4 and primary 5/6/7.  In the Canisbay Nursery there were 1, three year old children and 5, four year old children. This organisation of the class groups can sometimes be changed due to the varying school roll and the size of individual year groups.

Contact details of your school:-

Canisbay Primary School

Telephone number – 01955 611337
email address – canisbay.primary@highland.gov.uk

School times –

School begins:    09.15
School finishes:  14.45 (P1-3)       15.15  (P4-7)
Morning Break:  10.45
Lunch Break:      12.30  –  13.15

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