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Welcome to our Canisbay Rainbow Nursery blog page! This term, instead of placing photos of children in their individual Learning Journals we are going to post pictures of the children’s learning on here.

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Nursery Trip – June 2019

We went to the John O’Groats Fire Station where the children had a great time.  We then went down to the beach at the Ness at John O’Groats.



More photos of our trip…….



Bug Hotel – May 2019

The children were very excited when they knew we were going to get a bug hotel built in the nursery garden.  Countryside Rangers Kirsty Rosie and Paul Castle both came into the nursery to do this.  The children along with their parents had collected various items for the bug hotel such as plastic bottles, pinecones, pebbles, hose pipe, straw and wood.



Planting tatties

The children helped to plant tatties in the nursery garden.  They have been watering the tatties.  Fingers crossed they grow.



Buddies – May 2019

The nursery children met their buddies and have been spending time getting to know them.




Circus – March 2019

The nursery took part in a Circus workshop in the Canisbay Hall.  They got the chance to learn some circus skills such as spinning plates and learning to use a Diablo.



Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year in the nursery.  The children danced a dragon dance and they had noodles and prawn crackers for snack.






Burns Supper – Celebrating Burns Day

The children helped to bake shortbread for our Burns Day. The children all had the opportunity to try haggis, neeps and tatties for snack. The parents came along to join in with the ceilidh dancing and were able to taste the shortbread.




Christmas 2018

Santa came to visit the children after their party.




Safe, Strong and Free


Threading beads to improve fine motor skills


Creating Autumn  Pictures talking about colours and seasons


Visitors to nursery Archie and Anne singing a song with the children about sharing


Harvesting the tatties we planted and then chopping them to make soup

Going on a Bear Hunt




Trip to the Puffin Croft

The trip to the Puffin Croft was great fun and all the children enjoyed seeing and feeding  the animals.

Wrapped up and ready to go!


Waiting to see the animals.

Puffin Croft Animals.


Photo Fun.


Picnic Time.

Unfortunately it wasn’t picnic weather so we stayed on the bus and then had a little walk to see the motorbikes that had come all the way from Lands End.


Fun in the Nursery Garden

The children all helped to set up an obstacle course in the garden and all had fun going through it.


Sports Day

The nursery all had lots of fun on sports day running  races and cheering the for the big boys and girls in the school.  The children did so well and loved the medals that Mrs MacGregor baked for them.

Canisbay Surgery Visit

The children all enjoyed their visit to the Canisbay Surgery.  The they were very kind and showed us all around the building and we got to meet some of the staff and found out what they do and some of the things they use to do their jobs.

New Climbing Frame Design

The pupils from the P5/6/7 class all came up with new ideas in teams, and the nursery got to choose the design they liked the best.  The winning team have been busy  and have completed their design. Today the nursery children were able to go out and try it, they all thought it was great and there were high fives and thank yous given to the winning team.


More Numbers for Our Nursery Garden

Visit from Amy our Oral Health Visitor

The children all listened and had fun when Amy came in to visit.  She had a great activity and story to share with the children as well as helping with their tooth brushing.

Making a Flower for our Wall




Getting Ready for Sports Day


More Planting Fun

Leonie brought in some cress to plant with the children.


Planting in our Garden

After tidying up our garden the everyone helped to plant tatties, as well as carrot and neep seeds.  All the children will be making sure they are well watered.


Lamb Visit

Iris’s Mum and Dad kindly brought in one of their new lambs for the children to see.


Spring Tidy Up in the Nursery

We went out into the spring sunshine to tidy up around the raised beds and replaced one of the plant pots with tyres.




Busy First Week for the New Starts

Owen and Jack were both welcomed to the nursery by all the children and are settling in very well.


Easter Fun

The children made Easter treats for snack and to take home. We also had a Teddy bears picnic.


New Start Nursery Visit

Owen and Jack came in for a visit to nursery.  They had lots of fun exploring the nursery and meeting the other boys and girls.



Stay and Play

Leonie kindly brought in some craft activities to do with all the children in the nursery.  All the children helped and had fun playing with what they made.



Pets at Home Trip

The children all had great fun on their trip to Pets at Home.  We all travelled by bus and on our way spoke about all the different landmarks, signs and sang some songs. The children all enjoyed being shown around the shop and listened so well to Luke speak about the gerbils.  Some of them were even brave enough to pet a gerbil!!  They also saw the colourful fish as well.  After we left the shop we had our snack at the harbour.


Planetarium – Lead by David Hunter, Eden Court

The children had the opportunity to attend the planetarium along with the children from P1/2.  They listened to David Hunter telling them about space travel, the planets, stars and to the songs about the moon.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The children celebrated Chinese New Year by tasting prawn crackers and noodles, they all used chopsticks. The children all helped make a dragon and we invited the P1/2 children to take part in the Dragon Dance.



Play-date/Pancake Day

We enjoyed having the parents in for the playdate.  Thank you for helping us make the delicious pancakes and the lovely Valentine’s cards.





The children are listening to Amy (oral health visitor) who is showing them how to brush their teeth with Finsey.




Golf Ball Painting

The children had the opportunity to paint using golf balls – tipping the tray up and down.





The children are using the new scoop – putting gravel into the tyre.




Burns Day Celebrations

The children washed the tatties, chopped the tatties and neeps.  They all tried haggis, neeps and tatties for snack and all took part in country dancing with P1/2.




Fun in the Snow





Favourite Books



Country Dancing

The children are taking part in country dancing along with P1 and P2.  Clapping stamping feet, slapping thighs, counting and turning with a partner, all to the rhythm of the music.




Outdoor Fun

The children are exploring the nursery garden.  They are also helping to add natural materials to our outdoor garden – filling the stones into a tyre.





Go Noodle

The children were able to follow the dance routines on Go Noodle.  The children chose their own musical instruments and songs to play along to.






The nursery children dressed up for the Halloween party.  The children snipped cardboard rolls to make firework pictures.






Logan is investigating the leaves in the sensory tray using a magnifying glass.  The nursery painted a tree using corks.  The nursery baked banana muffins, helping to measure and mix ingredients.






The children had great fun joining the Primary 1 and 2’s for gym.  They were exploring bubbles-bursting them using different parts of their body.






Welcome back to our Nursery Blog!

We hope that you all enjoyed the holidays. This year we will continue to upload pictures on to the blog so that you can see what your child/ren have been up to in Nursery.

Last week we went to look at our cabbages and discovered a whole family of caterpillars had been munching their way through the leaves! The children found this very interesting, so we read them the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. We are going to begin a Caterpillar floorbook with the children this week and we are excited to share their learning in it. All parents are welcome to come and look at our floorbooks and we would like to encourage you to engage with your child’s My Learning Journey.


We found caterpillars in the nursery garden.  They were eating our cabbage, Following this, the children wanted to learn more about caterpillars.




Building using blocks

Logan, Hollie and Jack were busy building a seat for themselves.  The worked so hard together.  Think they have done a great job!




Lifting potatoes





What we are learning about this term – May/June 2017

The children always love planting vegetables in the nursery garden so we focused our learning on flowers and vegetables. We have all of the children’s mind maps on display in the nursery entrance and they have great suggestions about what they would like to learn. We have looked at seeds and beans, planted sunflowers and read Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have made a Jack and the Beanstalk display and now have items from the story to play and engage with.





Numeracy Sacks June 2017

We are so delighted that the response for our numeracy sacks has been so positive! It is lovely to see the children engaging with numbers and we have made a lovely display in the classroom of their artwork.


Nursery Summer Trip

The children went to Castletown garden centre to choose flowers for the window boxes on the house in the nursery garden.  We then went to Castletown play park where the children had great fun exploring the area and also had a picnic there.  We then went to Dunnet Beach where the children made sand castles.  Thank you to all the parent helpers